Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Genius of the Jews

Jews are known to be world-shakers, future-shapers and history-makers because of their inherent genius.

We know famous Jews such as Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Steven Spielberg, Charlie Chaplain, Houdini, and Larry King.

In fact, most of the Nobel Prize Laureates are Jews.

There are famous Jews you may never know: Larry Page and Sergey Brin - founders of Google, Mark Zuckerberg - founder of Facebook,  David Axelrod - Barak Obama's top political adviser, Dorit Beinisch - Supreme Court President, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg - US Supreme Court Justice.

See the Jerusalem Post's list of 50 World's Most Influential Jews today at  

Many have tried to explain the unique phenomenon of elevated I.Q. of the Jews.

"Ashkenazi Jews have a noted history of achievement in western societies.[37] They have won a large number of the Nobel awards.[38][39] In those societies where they have been free to enter any profession, they have a record of high occupational achievement, entering professions and fields of commerce where higher education is required.[40] For example, during the 20th century in the United States, Ashkenazi Jews represented approximately 3% of the population, but won 27% of the US Nobel Prizes in science, and 25% of the ACM Turing Awards (the Nobel-equivalent in computer science).[41]" 

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One of the famous articles on the genius of the Jews was written by Charles Murray.  You can read it on-line here:

The pdf file of Charles Murray on Jewish Genius can be freely downloaded here:

"The question has intrigued and baffled researchers for centuries. We all know people who defy the stereotype, yet it persists, demanding our attention. It leaves us wondering whether there is validity to the widespread belief that Jews are so much smarter than other people
But there can be little doubt that Jews have for centuries been substantially over-represented in many fields of learning and accomplishment. One must wonder, how could such a tiny, numerically insignificant group produce so many of the world’s smartest, most accomplished, and most influential people?"

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