Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Code as Presented by Marcus du Sautoy (BBC Documentary)

The Du Sautoy Code is the interrelationship of numbers, shapes and patterns within an intricate mathematical system to the universe and all that is.

It has been mathematically believed by Pythagoreans and scientifically demonstrated by Newtonians.

Many have followed up and tried to prove it:

Bertrand Russel and Alfred North Whitehead's Principia Mathematica 

John Barrow and Frank Tipler's The Anthropic Cosmological Principle

Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of Science

Gregory Chaitin's MetaMath!

Even Einstein on his deathbed had tried to reduce everything into an equation:

Now let's see what the author/producer and others have to say about the Code:

"What is the Code?  The Code is a three-part documentary about maths in the world around us, presented by Prof. Marcus du Sautoy. Hidden in the show and on this site were clues to a treasure, which was won on September 10th 2011 at Bletchley Park by Pete Ryland. Even though the hunt is over, you can still play all of the game and solve all the puzzles by reading below or visiting our Treasure Hunt page!"

"Welcome to The Code. This new series for BBC2 will make you see the world in a completely different way. Because underlying everything that surrounds us, from the natural world to the cities we live in, there is a hidden code that explains why things look and behave they way they do. That code is Mathematics.
My name is Marcus du Sautoy and I’m a mathematician. In the three programmes that make up my new series The Code, I want to reveal to you the hidden language of the universe and let you see the world through my eyes. Watch Pixar movies through the lens of a fractal geometer, listen to the story of Jack the Ripper through the ears of a mathematical detective and discover secret numbers built into ancient stone circles and gothic cathedrals."  - Marcus du Sautoy

"Take a step back from the messy everyday world and you find intriguing patterns and structures in everything from shells to drips of paint. In his new three-part series, The Code, airing on BBC, Oxford University's Marcus du Sautoy explores the mathematical stories behind these patterns and how they influence every aspect of our lives."

 "The Code was everywhere. We knew this because du Sautoy kept repeating it. The actual nature of it – equations and stuff – was mostly conspicuous by its absence. And what there was, was fairly basic. There was probably too much assume-the-viewers-know-nothing for the maths itself to be consistently interesting. But many of the segments were fascinating. The way numbers govern what sounds uncomfortable to our ears, for instance. The Code was engaging, sometimes wondrous and at all times visually stimulating. It clearly knew how to make use of a formula."

"A code at the very least implies information content, but The Code (as a proper noun and with the definite article) suggests something unique and powerful. Thus Du Sautoy:
…underlying everything that surrounds us, from the natural world to the cities we live in, there is a hidden code that explains why things look and behave they way they do.
[This hidden code (‘The Code’)] has the power to unlock the laws that govern the universe.
The Code is the truth of the universe, and its numbers dictate the way the world must be.
So, this hidden code, this entity that Du Sautoy calls ‘The Code’, has total and complete explanatory power, is identical to Absolute Truth, can lead us into All Truth, and is completely deterministic"

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