Sunday, October 2, 2011

P for Philippines: the Great Heritage of Pinoy World

Question: What is the Philippines and who are the Pilipinos?
Answer: P

P for Pinoy
Filipinos are famous in the world today like Pacquiao, Pempengco, Pineda, and PeƱaflorida.

 P for Pinoyheart
There are also many Fil-Am, Chinoy, and other half-pinoy who are well-known in the world today.

P for Pinaybeauty
It is a known fact that pinay are very beautiful.

P for Pinoywonders
There are many beautiful and wonderful places in the Philippines like palawan underground river, boracay beach, chocolate hills, mayon volcano, and many others.

 P for Pinoyheroes
Great heroes of the past had already made their inerasable imprint in history.

P for Pinoybillionaires
There are many pinoy billionaires and multi-millionaires in the Philippines.

P for Pinoyhenyo
There are many geniuses in the Philippines like Jose Rizal (national hero), Fernando Amorsolo (painter), Jose Perico Esguerra (child prodigy), Daniel Dingel (inventor), Jose Garcia Villa (poet), Jose Manuel Conde (film maker), Edgardo Escultura (mathematician), Antonio Mateo (inventor), Glenn Castillo (inventor), and others.

P for PNoy
Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is the present president of the Philippiness.  Both his parents (Ninoy and Cory) are recognized heroes in the Philippines and in the world.

P for Positive
Filipinos are positive, creative and innovative thinkers.  In the midst of war and tragedy, we invented fluorescent lamp, moon buggy, rice thresher, ice scraper, incubator, videophone, and water-powered vehicle.

P for Progress
The Philippines is a progressive nation.  Its democratic government and loving people are doing everything towards progress and sustainable future. 

P for Peace
A true filipino is a peace-maker.  Everyone is crying for world peace but it will only start with a peace of mind.  It can only be found in the Spirit of God who is in our heart.

P for Prosperity
Prosperity in the Philippines is measured not by means of what you have but of what you can give.  It is not the outer (panlabas) prosperity which is important but the inner (panloob) prosperity.  Filipinos are cheerful giver.  We help our fellowmen as far as we can.  We are known for being very hospitable.

P for Panalangin (Prayer) and Pananampalataya (Faith)
Filipinos always give thanks to God for what they already have and for what they will receive.  In times of trouble, we always pray to God for help.  There are different belief-systems in the Philippines but it is known to be the only Christian nation in Asia.  Christians believe that the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is the only ultimate solution to all the problems in this world.

P for Pamilya (Family) and Puso (Heart)
Family solidarity is very important among filipinos.  Giving respect and honour to the old, parents, eldest brothers (kuya) and sisters (ate) are very common to our family and society.  This is given emphasis in ABS-CBN which is known as the kapamilya TV network.  Love for both God and man as represented by the heart is at the center of individual filipino.  We called it “pag-ibig” or “pagmamahal”.   It is a sublime virtue among filipinos. This is the reason why GMA 7 is known as the kapuso TV network.

P for Pag-aaral (Studies or Education)
Education is one of the top priorities of the filipino people.  We engaged in quality education and technical scholarship to produce globally-competitive and functionally-literate individual.

P for Pagkakaisa (Unity) and Panalo (Winner or Champion)
Unity is the bond that will bring every every pinoy to become world achievers.  All Filipino has a winning heart and mind.  In the test of life, we strive to fight a fair battle and survive to win.  We look forward that at the end all is well because God is always there for us.

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